Mirjam Debets is a visual artist and designer, working in a wide variety of media in the arts and design field, including animation, illustration and VJing. Characterised by an eclectic use of colour, mysterious creatures and a strong presence of the natural world, her work aims to incite curiosity and playfulness. 

She often collaborates with the performing arts and has created visuals for both musicians and theatre productions, while simultaneously finding her way into the Amsterdam nightlife as the visual force and VJ behind Sentinel Island Disco. Her distinctive style was picked up by international clients like luxury brand LEJ, GIPHY and VANS and her sensible use of characters and storytelling made it into documentaries and educational environments such as museums and universities.  

Alternating between client work and independent projects, she has directed an animated short film, worked on multiple exhibitions and video installations, for which she’s received the support of both the Netherlands Film Fund and the Talent Development Grant from the Creative Industries Fund.

Drawing most of my inspiration from the natural world, I keep searching for ways to make it benefit from my work as well. As of 2022 I have committed to donating one percent of my yearly income to environmental organisations dedicated to preserving and protecting nature.
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