Diafonie (Diaphony, 7') is an animated short film, directed by Selle Sellink & Mirjam Debets, with the support of the Netherlands Film Fund and produced by Family Affair Films. Diafonie premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival in september 2022.
" Diaphony is a short animated documentary following three people who share their experiences of the pandemic. Each handles this difficult time in their own way, but it turns out that they share the same way of finding comfort through music."

Nederlands Film Festival 2022 - Debut competition
Animest Bucharest International Animation Film Festival 2022 - International short competition
Short Movie Sunday 2022 at Volkshotel
Kaboom Animation Festival 2023 - Dutch Shorts Competition
The Melbourne International Animation Festival 2023 - in competition
Directed by: Selle Sellink & Mirjam Debets
Animation: Iris Frankhuizen, Wilbert van Veldhuizen, Mirjam Debets
Coloring: Jorn Leeuwerink
Production: Family Affair Films
Sound Design: Selle Sellink
Score: Hans Nieuwenhuijsen, Luigi Jansen
Interview: Dieuwertje Heuvelings
Research: Wyneke van Nieuwenhuyzen
Voices: Simone de Ruig, Nature Zayah, Joosje & Rogier Duk
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