Animated short film and illustrations for the travelling archeological exhibition Bes, Small God in Ancient Egypt. The film was screened at the entrance of the exhibition and the illustrations were used throughout the exhibition on wallpaper, information displays, merchandise and various educational materials. Animated GIFs from the introduction film were available as stickers in Instagram stories. The exhibition was on for almost a year at the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam and then travelled to Museum August Kestner in Hannover
"His short and crooked legs, his stuck-out tongue, feather headdress and fat belly make Bes an instantly recognizable figure from Ancient Egypt. His popularity meant that he was depicted on amulets, furniture, columns, vases and tableware, and as a small or large statue. Egyptian elite culture and its death cult are, for once, not the focus of this exhibition. Bes played a role in everyday life and between people: from pharaohs to slaves, from pregnant women to frightened children, and from warriors in combat to cheerful partygoers."​​​​​​​
Client: Allard Pierson Museum & Museum August Kestner 
Director: Mirjam Debets
Script: Kathelijne Eisses
Animation: Mirjam Debets, Iris Frankhuizen, Wilbert van Veldhuizen
Sound: Selle Sellink
Music: Hans Nieuwenhuijsen
Voice: Emmanuel Boafo

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