Animation for Stichting CPNB, announcing the selection process of the 'Boekenweekgeschenk' for the dutch Book Week of 2025, created in collaboration with Wilb.Studio
"The Dutch Book Week has existed for 90 years. We will celebrate this in 2025 with a special "Book Week gift" and a special competition, for which writers from the Netherlands and Flanders can submit their best story. An expert jury judges - blind - which story is the best. That will be the Book Week Gift."
Stichting CPNB provided us with archival material to include in the animation, to pay tribute to the long history of the Dutch Bookweek, which we combined with frame by frame character animation. This way we could shine a light on the people behind the Book Week Gift -the competing writers and the jury- and create an animation that would be more than just an explainer video.
Commissioned by: Stichting CPNB
Animation: Mirjam Debets​​​​​​​,
Sound design & score: Dreikelvin
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