Pause & Play is on show at DeLighthouse in Amsterdam from 14/1/2023 - 01/4/2023
'De Tafel' 
'Half 2'
'Postzegelparkje' (Original - SOLD)
"These paintings are a tribute to being lazy and playful, but more than anything they are an antidote to my own restlessness and impatience. Once the idea for a painting has been born -while dozing on the couch, staring out a window or in another elusive moment of boredom- I suddenly find myself painting for hours on end, losing track of time completely; something I rarely experience as a freelance designer and still surprises me. I hope these paintings capture something which seems so valuable but hard to come by these days: a feeling of timelessness."
'De Tuin'
'Nummer 5'

Gouache and pencil
300g Hahnemühle watercolor paper
Original painting                    € 500
Original painting (framed)     € 550

High quality digital print
(limited 1/25 and signed)      € 85
Postcards                                  € 10

Get in touch through or +31 6 10860461 for availability

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